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Russian Tea Culture, presentation by Dr. Irina Kazakevich  

Image of russian painting of a period woman drinking TeaOn Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., in Fahy 236, and via TEAMS, the Slavic Club, is sponsoring a presentation, by Dr. Irina Kazakevich, on "Russian Tea Culture".

All of us know a lot about tea culture in China, Japan, and UK. Have you ever heard anything about Russian Tea Culture? Maybe, yes, because of the famous Russian restaurants in New Year like "Russian Tea Room", or "Russian Samovar". Why these very upscale restaurants decided to use a tea theme in their names you wander? Because the Russian tea ceremony is unique, and Russians are heavy tea drinkers. They drink tea with each meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They invite guests for tea parties, and they have casual kitchen conversations with friends over a tea pot.

A painting of Russian tea culture and TraditionIn this presentation you will learn about the history of tea leaves appearance in Russia, how it made its way from China to the table of the Russian tzars. You will learn about traditional samovar ceremony with demonstration of how to prepare tea by using this ancient device. And at the end of this presentation there will be a degustation offering different Russian herbal teas which existed even before the black tea from China became available in Russia.

This event is free! Everyone is welcome!

Russian tea cakes, canapes, "zakuski" and many other treats will be served with Russian tea!

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