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Aditya Kasina and Marco Fanik Honored

Aditya Kasina and Marco FanikAditya Kasina and Marco Fanik Honored with Prestigious Novo Nordisk Scholarship for Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The Biology Department is elated to share the outstanding achievements of two exceptional students, Aditya Kasina and Marco Fanik. Both have been bestowed with the esteemed Novo Nordisk Scholarship, in addition to receiving Undergraduate Research Symposium grants, each valued at $4,000. 

Jessica Cottrell with honored students

This scholarship has been instrumental in supporting their college expenses and independent research pursuits, all conducted under the expert guidance of  Jessica Cottrell, Ph.D..

On March 19th, amidst the picturesque setting of Bell Works New Jersey in Holmdel, the Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey (ICUNJ) Undergraduate Research Symposium unfolded, marking a significant milestone in the academic journey of these budding scholars. This iconic venue pays homage to the renowned Bell Labs building, celebrated for its pivotal role in shaping technological innovations throughout the 20th century. Notably, the symposium took place amidst the filming of the acclaimed series "Severance," adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Aditya and Marco, representing Seton Hall University, showcased their groundbreaking research on the “Effect of Orthosilicic Acid and Cholecalciferol on MC3T3 Osteoblast Cells mimicking diabetic inflammatory conditions,” alongside peers from 13 other esteemed New Jersey independent colleges. The ICUNJ symposium also featured distinguished guest speakers including Thierry Klein, president of Nokia Bell Labs Solution Research, Tara Fosbre, vice president and head of Technology Experience at Guardian Life Insurance, and Priya Varma, director HR Strategic Initiatives at PSEG Services Corp.

This symposium serves as a vital component in nurturing the STEM pipeline, fostering collaborative learning experiences, cultivating problem-solving skills, instilling confidence in students, exploring diverse career pathways and honing the soft skills essential for budding scientists. They are grateful to ICUNJ President, Steve Reynolds and ICUNJ Vice President, Mary Alice Breuninger for this amazing experience.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended once again to Aditya and Marco for this well-deserved recognition. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued contributions and accomplishments in the realm of science as they further their endeavors within Cottrell’s esteemed research lab.

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