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51st Annual Margaret C. Haley Awards Reception

Nursing students.The 51st Annual Margaret C. Haley Awards Reception, hosted by the Seton Hall College of Nursing and Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy, will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. on Monday, May 6 at the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange. This event honors distinguished alumni for their service, leadership and dedication to the nursing profession.

The 2024 honorees include Cheryl A. Krause-Parello, recognized with the Margaret C. Haley Award for her veteran health research through human-animal interaction; O’Dea Parson, awarded the George J. Hebert Leadership Award for her significant achievements in nursing and the military; Margaret "Peggy" McGinley, receiving the Nelson Aquino Humanitarian Award for her dedication to cardiac surgery nursing; Kelly Keefe Marcoux, honored with the Dr. Judith Lothian Young Alumni Award for her leadership in pediatric nursing; and Theresa Ellis, recipient of the Dr. Carolyn Rummel Young Alumni Award for her impact in psychiatric nursing.

Read their full bios here.

About the Awards:

Margaret C. Haley Distinguished Alumnus Award
The recipient of the Margaret C. Haley Distinguished Alumnus Award is selected each year from nominations submitted by the College of Nursing faculty and alumni and is distinguished by one or more of the following: holding a position of responsibility and leadership and/or accomplishing significant achievements in the healthcare field, contributing to community and civic affairs, or contributing to either the support or prestige of the University. The award is named after Dean Margaret C. Haley, who served the University from 1951 through 1967 and, among other achievements, launched New Jersey’s first generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Seton Hall.

Nelson Aquino Humanitarian Award
The recipient of the Nelson Aquino Humanitarian Award is an outstanding individual who has taken his/her education from Seton Hall University College of Nursing and is using it to serve those in need. The award is named after Nelson Aquino ’97, C.R.N.A., M.S., a nurse anesthetist at Children’s Hospital Boston who spent time in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake performing surgeries and providing post-anesthesia care in tents and emergency medical units.

Dr. Judith Lothian and Dr. Carolyn Rummel Young Alumni Awards
Named in honor of two treasured nursing faculty members who passed away in the past year, the Young Alumni Award is given to those who have graduated from the College of Nursing’s undergraduate or graduate programs within the past 10 years and have distinguished themselves through their professional nursing achievements.

George J. Hebert Leadership Award
The recipient of the George Hebert Leadership Award is an individual who is an established leader within nursing who has made a significant contribution to the profession of Nursing. This individual is also someone who holds leadership positions within professional nursing organizations and/or has made an important impact on healthcare policy. He or she is an advocate for nurses and the nursing profession. This award is named after George Hebert, B.S.N. ’75, M.S., APN, who held the leadership position of executive director of the NJ Board of Nursing from 2000 until his death in 2015.

For further details about the event and to register, click here.

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