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Seton Hall University
NCLEX Boot Camp
Continuing Education Program

Leadership Strategies in the Disruptive AI Era

The pandemic proved that remote work is possible, and the competition for talent is now global. The rapid infusion of AI is accelerating the disruption in labor markets, demanding a new set of capabilities beyond traditional workplace skills. Succeeding in this uncertain environment requires a new mindset.

Innovate to Thrive

Leadership Strategies in the Disruptive AI Era is a half-day experiential learning program designed for professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs. Participants will cultivate a mindset that embraces uncertainty and approaches the future with purpose.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Critical-thinking framework to build your future
  2. Foresight to enable smart decision-making
  3. Adaptability and resilience to navigate an environment of exponential change
  4. Develop a shared language to engage with a broad set of stakeholders
Learning Experience:
  1. 3x60-minute sessions delivered in half a day
  2. Evidence-based content based on theory, data, and professional practice
  3. Immediate professional applicability

Faculty Listing

Headshot of John Shannon posing
John Shannon
Professor of Legal Studies
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Headshot of Kansal Ruchin posing
Ruchin Kansal
Professor of Practice
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