Seton Hall University

Parent Association

All parents or legal guardians are required to sign a Family Learning Plan Contract (FLPC) prior to the acceptance of their child into the Seton Hall University Upward Bound Project. The FLPC are pledges that define the expectations and mutual responsibilities of the Project and parents as “partners” in student success. Parents are also required to take a course in “How to assist my child with homework,” which is taught by instructors from the target districts.

Parents are required to participate in the Parents Association. This group is an independent body from the Upward Bound Project, and operates in an advisory capacity. The Parents Association meets monthly during the academic year at the South Orange campus of Seton Hall University. Their agenda includes interaction with the Institute staff, presentations by local educators, and dialogue with representatives of community agencies. The Parents Association is designed to promote a better understanding of each child, and to help toward learning and student success.