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Freshman Studies and Student Support

Seton Hall is dedicated to making your transition into college a smooth one — that's why we offer personal, one-on-one support through our award-winning Freshman Studies Program. Freshman Studies provides support and resources to adjust to your new life: academic support, study skills training, social opportunities, career development — you name it. There aren't many other universities that make this same effort to get you off to a solid start.

Our Freshman Studies Program incorporates three key components to lead you to success:

  1. Making the Right Academic Choices — Your Mentor
    At Seton Hall, you have a direct line to an academic adviser, who serves as your Freshman Studies mentor. Your mentor doesn't just know you on paper; he/she gets to know you personally and advises you based on your strengths, weakness and future aspirations.

    Your mentor guides you in choosing the academic program that best suits your needs. If navigating the "ins and outs" of Seton Hall becomes challenging, your mentor is there to help — explaining the curriculum in your major program, assisting you with registration, helping you decide what classes to take. Your Freshman Studies mentor is there for you, so find out what interests you — and what doesn't.

  2. A New Friend on Campus — Your Peer Adviser

    We know you'll feel more relaxed talking to someone your own age — someone who understands. That's where your peer adviser (PA) comes in. The number one job of your PA is to help you feel comfortable the minute you arrive on campus. Current Seton Hall student-leaders serve as PAs and are there to help you find your way, listen when you need a friend or advice, and make it easy to get involved in University life.

    PAs have "been there and done that," so they are chock full of information and tips for success and fun at Seton Hall.  They can tell you what professors you'll enjoy and who will challenge you most. They know the best places to hang out — on campus, in the local community and in New York City. They've made it as leaders — their role is to guide you toward the same goal.

  3. Academic Survival Skills 101 — University Life Course

    Our University Life Course is the final piece of the Freshman Studies puzzle. This one-credit course, the cornerstone of our award-winning program, is team-taught by your Freshman Studies mentor and peer adviser. Each week during your first semester, you'll meet with fellow classmates to talk about your adjustment to college life. In this free-flowing atmosphere, you'll discuss residence hall life, sharpen your study skills, learn about internship, experiential education and study abroad opportunities, time management community service, even eating right. The best part is: The atmosphere is comfortable, so you don't feel intimidated asking questions.

Beyond the Freshman Studies program, Seton Hall offers many other opportunities to access academic support. Not only will your mentor be monitoring your progress throughout your first year, but you can also reach out to our Academic Resource Center (ARC) for extra help in math, science, language and writing. The ARC provides group workshops, one-on-one tutoring and online resources for students throughout their college career.

Seton Hall also provides an innovative Tutors-In-Residence (TIRs) program. TIRs are undergraduate, in-house tutors who live in the Aquinas, Boland and Xavier residence halls with the purpose of providing academic assistance to their peers. Each week, TIRs conduct scheduled lobby hours where they are available to help students (both residents and commuters) with projects and course work.

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