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What Great Minds Can Do: Dominique Fortes  

Dominique Fortes

Accounting major; Asian Studies minor

Parsippany, New Jersey

Dominique Fortes

"Now that I'm graduating, I have quite a few offers. I've been admitted to Oxford, offered a job at Ernst & Young and received a Fulbright award. I'm really excited about these and I'm feeling very blessed. I know If I hadn't come to Seton Hall, I most certainly wouldn't be in the position I am in now."

Dominique Fortes graduates from Seton Hall with an enviable task: choosing between a job offer from Ernst & Young, attending the University of Oxford, or accepting a Fulbright award. "I never imagined I would have all these opportunities. I am feeling blessed because if I hadn't come to Seton Hall, I most certainly wouldn't be in the position I am in now."

Dominique packed many valuable experiences into her student years, which helped her develop both personally and professionally. Through five internships, she gained important career training. "I practically lived at the Career Center, I knew everyone there. They helped me so much — from writing my resume, to getting my first internship as a freshman, to helping me land the job offer from Ernst & Young."

She got involved in campus activities early on, too, beginning to write for Seton Hall's business publication, The Stillman Exchange, while still a freshman and eventually working her way up to executive editor. "The Stillman Exchange experience was one of my favorites. I didn't just learn to be a better writer; I also learned to negotiate, manage a budget, and do more than a typical accounting student would. It's also why I got my internship at CNBC."

Spending a summer studying in Beijing was yet another highlight of Dominique's time at Seton Hall. "It's hard to decide what I loved most, but my Study Abroad program is definitely on the list. It helped me improve my Mandarin, and I also got to have great experiences and share them with my friends."

Dominique got the uncommon opportunity to compete throughout the Northeast as a member of Seton Hall's Ethics Bowl team, where she developed her reasoning and public speaking skills. What she liked best about deliberating ethical issues with students from other schools was how it "helped me explore current issues and develop my critical thinking as well as my sense of morality. The Ethics Bowl actually helped me get some of my internships, because employers were impressed by this dimension of my development."

"I love that Seton Hall is so caring and diverse. In my classes, we sometimes discuss controversial issues; everyone has different ideas and opinions, but I like that we share our ideas in a very respectful way. Seton Hall teaches us to understand that people have different viewpoints and this makes it easier for us to be more accepting of others' ideas."

"Seton Hall has made me more confident and ready for the future. I owe so much to the faculty. They have been so impactful and really pushed me to do my best and excel."

Seton Hall Career Highlights

  • Job offer from Ernst & Young
  • Admitted to University of Oxford
  • Fulbright recipient
  • Five Internships
  • Study Abroad in Bejing
  • Ethics Bowl Team Member 
  • Writer and Executive Editor, The Stillman Exchange 
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