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Seton Hall University
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Manage Your Organization

Privileges of a Recognized Student Organization

  • Access to University spaces, auditoriums, and venues
  • Permission to recruit, advertise, and fundraise on campus
  • Use of University name in campus events, activities, and advertising
  • Access to University allocated funds
  • Events management, assistance, and support
  • Access to 25Live for programming, events planning, and space reservation requests
  • University e-mail accounts for student organizations
  • Representation on the Student Life website.
  • Leadership support from a Student Life administrator.

Renewal of Recognition

Each year, student organizations must apply for renewal of recognition with the Department of Student Life. In order to continue to be an active registered student organization for the upcoming academic year, your organization must re-register each spring semester for the following academic year. The re-registration deadline will be announced each year during the spring semester. 

The Department of Student Life is committed to supporting student organizations with a smooth transition from year to year. For your organization to remain active with the University, there are several requirements:

  • Each organization must submit a completed renewal of recognition application by the advertised deadline each spring. As part of the application the organization will submit the following a 
  • Executive Board Office contact information (a minimum of 4 officers)
  • Membership roster of at minimum 10 active members 
  • Advisor Contact information 
  • Up to date – Constitution (Link attached Template)
  • Organizations must maintain open membership to all Seton Hall University students. 
  • Organization must attend Mandatory Officer Trainings
  • Organization must have a positive balance in their student account.
  • Organization must have held a minimum of two general body meetings per semester and three events per academic year. 

Fraternity & Sorority requirements can vary. Specific requirements will be communicated to the chapter President at the Greek Leadership Retreat each August.

Reactivating a Student Organization

Inactive less than three years – fill out the reactivation form found here. You will need the following information:  

  • Description of organizations
  • Roster of at Least 10 students
  • Executive Board of at least 4 officers
  • Letter of Support from a faculty advisor, campus ministry (if religious), and national organization (if applicable).

Inactive for three or more years – You will need to reapply for activation through SOAC, please use the guide above for information on that process. Make sure to include information about your organization's history in your application materials.

Elections and Transition

All student organization executive board position terms should be from May thru April of the following academic year unless otherwise stated in the organization's constitution. New Executive Board officer information is due to the Office of Student Life on March 31. This is done intentionally to allow for time in the month of April for the outgoing and incoming executive board members to successful transition. 

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