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An advisor talking with students.

Faculty and Staff Advisers

Greetings Student Organization Advisers!

Thank you for choosing to or considering to serve as an adviser to a student organization at Seton Hall. Please use this website to help you navigate the advising process. Having engaging faculty or administrative advisers is one of the best ways to ensure the success and sustainability of a student group. Our leaders depend on the guidance and support that you are able to provide them throughout their learning experience. Below we have listed some resources to help you get started. Throughout the year, we will host a few lunches to get you acquainted with one another, discuss hot topics in advising student organizations, and answer any questions you might have. We ask that you RSVP for these lunches so that we have an idea of who will be attending.

Why become an adviser? 

Students that are involved in leadership positions within student organizations have an opportunity to learn real skills from hands on experience. While the benefits for students are endless, there are benefits to being an adviser as well.

  • Develop personal relationships with students
  • Mentor students through their leadership journey
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Have the opportunity to facilitate meaningful academic based conversation outside of the classroom
  • Advance student learning by allowing for out of the classroom education on a topic of interest to you

Interested in Becoming an Adviser?

We are always looking for faculty and staff who are willing to contribute their time and talents to serving as a student organization adviser. If you are interested in serving as an adviser, please fill out the attached form with your name, contact information, and the types of organizations you would be interested in working with. We would be happy to connect you with student organizations in need of an adviser.         


Thank you again, and please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Jessica Snell
Assistant Director of Leadership Development (Greek Life)
(973) 313-6062

Daria Allen
Director of New Student Programs
(973) 275-2996

Winston Roberts
Assistant Vice President for Student Services
(973) 761-9076