Seton Hall University

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement Complaints

Seton Hall University (the “University”) participates in SARA (State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement), which unifies regulations regarding distance education programs. As a participant, the University complies with the SARA Policy Manual, which includes consumer protection parameters. SARA and this complaint process outlined below apply to students located outside of New Jersey, participating in the University’s distance education programs.

Distance education includes instruction where student and faculty members are participating from different physical spaces and may include online, remote, virtual, interactive video, and other correspondence across geographic state lines. The SARA Policy Manual can be found at


Complaint Process

Out-of-State students who have any concerns or complaints about fraudulent or improper activity related to distance education courses, activities, and operations may submit a written complaint, outlining the specific SARA Policy Manual or law, standard, or regulation incorporated by the SARA Policy Manual that is at issue. Complaints must indicate that they are SARA-related. Such complaints can be submitted at Please note, no complaints regarding academic grievances, grades, Title IX, student conduct, or any education courses/activities/operations occurring wholly within the State of New Jersey are governed by this process.

In order to properly review, investigate, and adjudicate SARA complaints, such complaints cannot be anonymous, and students must provide contact information. SARA Complaints are governed by the University’s Student Handbook, Academic and Professional Integrity Policy, specifically, the Academic Grievance Procedure.

Students should first submit a written complaint to the University. If a student feels their complaint has not been resolved after exhausting the University’s internal complaint process, a student may appeal their complaint to the New Jersey SARA State Portal Entity within two years of the incident about which the complaint is made. The New Jersey SARA State Portal Entity contact information is below:

Eric Taylor, Esq.
Director, Office of Licensure
(609) 984-3738
[email protected]
New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education
20 W State St, 4th Fl - PO Box 542
Trenton, NJ 08625

The New Jersey SARA State Portal Entity makes the final determination as to a student’s complaint. It will notify your state’s SARA State Portal Entity of the determination, which may conduct further review.