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Mission, Vision and Values


The Center for Sports Media hopes to redefine how students are trained in media/communications/sports business, engage with the sports community and produce groundbreaking content through university channels and partnerships with major media outlets. In seeking to foster personal and professional optimization, the Center underscores the following pillars: education, professional development and innovation.


The Center intends to:

  • promote scholarly development of Sports Media through versatile content production;
  • facilitate the consumption of dynamic digital media content to enhance student’s expertise;
  • support student’s creativity in the exploration of traditional and non-traditional media;
  • hone student’s awareness of the ethical dimensions of media communication and creativity; and
  • enhance student's understanding of the theories that underscore the creative arts and the practical applications that will empower future personal, civic and professional endeavors.


Values pertinent to the Center are those of: 

  • pedagogical and scholarly excellence;
  • diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • integrity in the pursuit of truth, fairness and accuracy through the understanding of professional standards of practice;
  • research and evaluation of information by methods appropriate to the Sports Media profession;
  • application of theories and technologies appropriate to optimally understanding the digital world; and
  • contribution to the discipline’s knowledge, aligned with the three pillars of the Center in facilitating multi-disciplinary exploration and mastery of digital media.

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Providing an interdisciplinary foundation for academic training and theory with practical experience pertinent to excellence in the Sports Media discipline.

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