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Center for Sports Media

Letter from the Executive Director

B.J. SchecterWelcome to the Seton Hall Center for Sports Media. Since our founding in Fall 2021, our primary goals have been to educate students in every facet of a rapidly changing industry, while evolving as an institutional thought leader and innovator in this field.

We are uniquely positioned to accomplish this. Sports has a visceral connection to people, and the explosion in the volume and variety of media platforms plays to that emotional and editorial connection. There are substantial audiences to be reached, with stories that inspire, inform and lay the foundation for the industry's future.

To do that, to pursue our mission, means going “outside the lines” across academic disciplines and public opinion; asking hard questions and training those who ask them. Innovation and leadership are key values for us and essential qualities for sports media's next generation.

Fans of sports and followers of sports media will recognize “Outside the Lines.” That’s the ESPN Emmy Award-winning show created and hosted by CSM executive founder Bob Ley, a 1976 Seton Hall graduate. Bob was the first studio anchor hired by ESPN, and over his 40 years at the network established an unsurpassed reputation as a journalist and industry leader.

Bob’s gift helped launch the Center and now it’s our job to build on a tremendous foundation and drive the conversation and development of sports media in the decades ahead. This future will be reported, produced, edited and published by Seton Hall students equipped to ask informed questions, push beyond comfort zones, and establish new pathways of communication. This is all evolving in real time.

And to underscore that, our Center is continually inviting leading figures in sports media and the sports industry to work directly with our Seton Hall students. Opportunities and conversations like no others abound. Practical knowledge paired with foundational skills. With a Division I athletic program, an award-winning student radio station and newspaper, and multiple television outlets, our students have the opportunity for real time experience in the field.

Our proximity to New York City provides an incredible array of internships in the nation's largest media market.

We offer so much. You need bring only your vision, enthusiasm and goals.

Come and join us and make a difference.

B.J. Schecter
Interim Executive Director Seton Hall Center for Sports Media

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"Very Bullish on Seton Hall"

When asked how he felt about Seton Hall ramping up its commitment through the Center for Sports Media to the next generation of students, Rodriguez replied, "I love it. Seton Hall has an incredible opportunity to be The go-to school, university, when it comes to media and broadcast. When you see what Bob Ley and Bardia and others are doing around it, I'm very bullish on Seton Hall – where they're at, and where they're going."