Seton Hall University

Dr. Stephen and Beverly Hoptay Fellowship

Award Amount: $1,000 - $3,000
Submission Deadline: March 31
Availability: Graduate

Additional Information

The Hoptay Fellowship provides financial assistance to students enrolled in the Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Program within the College of Education and Human Services at Seton Hall University. The fund is in recognition of the impact that Captain Hoptay's Seton Hall education has had on his professional success as a career law enforcement officer with the New Jersey State Police.

Recipients will be selected through a competitive process coordinated by the College of Education and Human Services and the Office of Financial Aid at Seton Hall University based on

  1. Academic achievement. Academic accomplishment will be considered but it is not the sole criterion for selection. All-around achievement, character, and indications of probable further development are also important factors.
  2. Personal motivations. Applicants must show their commitment to excellence in law enforcement, initiative and responsibility to advance the greater good. Through their written personal statement, the successful applicants will demonstrate how this award is relevant and valuable to their career plans. The personal statement should provide a better sense of who the applicant is and how they approach life.
  3. Quality of Community Service. The successful applicant will have made a clear commitment to community service. Selection will be based on the applicant’s dedication to servant leadership qualities of integrity, compassion and a commitment to helping others as evidenced in the letter of recommendation.

The Dean of the College of Education and Human Services will notify the Donor and the recipients of each fellowship award approximately one month following the application deadline.

Eligibility Requirements

New Jersey State troopers enrolled or planning to enroll in the College of Education and Human Services' Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Program.


  • Spring semester: November 15th
  • Fall semester: March 31st

Application Procedures

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Renewal Procedures

Provided that recipients otherwise maintain eligibility, fellowship awards may be renewed for an additional year pending completion of a renewal.