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Seton Hall University
William Haney


William Haney , M.F.A.
Professor of Design
College of Human Development Culture and Media

(973) 761-9459

Fahy Hall
Room B48

William Haney, M.F.A.

Professor of Design
College of Human Development Culture and Media

William Haney has served on the faculty at Seton Hall University for eleven years. Early in his career as a member of the faculty at the Carnegie-Mellon University for ten years he began his studies and teaching of Interactive Computer graphics on the first apple computers to be produced in the United States. Professor Haney has a keen interest in integrating multidisciplinary studies combining disciplines such as of human and animal anatomy, medicine, and computer design and biomedical illustration. His clients include national Pharmaceutical, Biotech and large Medical Device companies. Working with scientists and physicians his design and Illustration works has been published in case studies, surgical technique guides, mechanism of action of agents for clinical product branding and med-ed intranet compendiums. At Seton Hall University he teaches Web Design I, Digital Art and Design, Digital Painting, Advanced Graphic Design and Drawing as Design. In the classroom Professor Haney pedagogically strives to teach his students the professional rigors of design thinking and creative-skilled application as they apply to public communications and professional education.

Professional Activities

  • Commission, 7 surgical technique illustrations for new Onlay component separation for correction of ventral hernia defect using Strattice Matrix mesh, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland, September 2011
  • Design and Commission, Promotional illustrations and brochure design for ISIS Program to be used in competitive solicitation of tissue regeneration research by clinicians and physicians globally in the awarding of fellowships, KCI Corporation, San Antonio, TX, September 2011
  • Commission, 5 biomedical constituents and imaging, DNA matrix band, molecular chemical molecules, stem cell colonies, DNA forensic test imaging, fibroblast cellular colony, KCI Inc., San Antonio, TX. April 2011
  • Commission, Series of 4 bacteria illustrations depicting Microclean™ Technology mechanism of action in the destruction of bacteria membranes, Glaxo Smith Kline, Whippany, NJ, August 2010
  • Commission, Illustration of cellular constituents of bacteria in depiction of DNA, plasma and ribosome destruction by Microclean™ Technology, Glaxo Smith Kline, Whippany, NJ, August 2010
  • Designed and art directed 3D biomedical animation and presentation of the five phases of Listerine Mechanism of Action (Series Three) of penetration of biofilm bacteria colonization and planktonic bacteria membrane destruction. Johnson Consumer Products Group, Morris Plains, NJ, October 2010
  • Commission, Series of 11 architectural illustrations of the 1900-tower crane assembly (on-site) sequence for the India Mumbai Tower erection, Larsen and Turbo, Chennai, India, July 2009
  • Commission, 2 medical illustrations of Allograft® skin meshed and Allograft® skin unmeshed, Allosource, Inc, Centennial, CO, February 2009
  • Designed clinical case study, "Definitive abdominal reconstruction utilizing Strattice™ Tissue Matrix and V.A.C.® therapy in patient with multiple co-morbidities and many recurrent incisional ventral hernias," Michael G. Franz, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery Chief, Minimally Invasive Surgery, University of Michigan Health System, USA, December 2009