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Seton Hall University
Vincent Medina


Vicente Medina , Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy

(973) 761-9766

Fahy Hall
Room 316

Vicente Medina, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Professor Medina's areas of specialization are social and political philosophy and applied ethics. He also works on Latin American philosophy. His most recent publication is his book Terrorism Unjustified: The Use and Misuse of Political Violence (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015). For a description of the book, see here

Some of his most recent articles are "The Philosophical Polemic of Havana Revisited," Inter-American Journal of Philosophy, 4 (June 2013); "The Innocent in the Just War Thinking of Vitoria and Suárez: A Challenge even for Secular Just War Theorists and International Law," Ratio Juris, 26 (2013); and "Militant Intolerant People: A Challenge to John Rawls' Political Liberalism," Political Studies, 58 (June 2010). He is presently working on a paper on John Rawls’ political philosophy and the justification of terrorism.