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Seton Hall University
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Tara Wager , M.A.
Faculty Associate
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

(973) 275-4888

Arts and Sciences Hall
Room 238

Tara Wager, M.A.

Faculty Associate
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

I feel most satisfied when I can elevate a student, who has had past struggles with mathematics, to a level where he is not only proficient, but is confident in his abilities. Being able to go beyond the mathematics classroom, my aim is to teach students skills that can be used in a positive way in their future experiences.

I attained my Master's degree, as well as my Bachelor's degree at Seton Hall University. As a full time member of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department since 2017, I have enjoyed teaching students in Developmental Math, College Algebra, College Algebra Co-requisite, and Business Finite classes, and each of the student's varying abilities. I am committed to creating an atmosphere where any student, regardless of his skillset, can excel in mathematics and gain confidence throughout the process. Looking at the student from a holistic view, I strive to see the many different strengths each student possesses. I am committed to having students realize and use an ability they may not know they had. It is my goal to show students the different possibilities mathematics has to offer, even at a prerequisite level. My interests lie in course development and assessing my students' abilities such that I can give each class the best opportunity for an enriching experience.