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Seton Hall University
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Jui-Te Lin , PT, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

(973) 275-2806

Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus
Room 0432

Jui-Te Lin, PT, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

I joined the Department of Physical Therapy at Seton Hall University in the Spring of 2020. I provide instruction on courses that relate to physiology, neuroscience, and rehabilitation technology. My goal is to deliver my knowledge, skills, and passion for students and equip them with the skills necessary to become health professionals. My teaching philosophy, therefore, is focused on engaging students by employing multiple teaching strategies, encouraging students to accept and overcome their failures, and promoting students' acquisition of relevant content and research skills.

I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago). At Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, I studied the neuromuscular control of locomotion in people with spinal cord injuries. I also studied the adaptation mechanism of dynamic balance control in the face of various external perturbations with spinal stimulation. In my doctoral studies at Georgia Tech of Applied Physiology, I developed a systematic approach to predict exercise performance based on the mechanical designs of a manual wheelchair and the physiological fitness of the human body. In my master's studies at the University of Pittsburgh of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, I investigated the impact of terrain conditions on the biomechanics of wheelchair propulsion. I also developed an activity monitor that tracks hand movements during wheelchair propulsion.

My research interests are to 1) develop a diagnostic method in assessing the usage of assistive technology, 2) utilize wearable devices to quantify abnormal gait patterns in adapting daily walking tasks, and 3) apply a neuromodulation technique in improving motor learning and clinical outcomes.