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Seton Hall University
Photo of Professor Aras Konjhodzic, Ph.D.


Aras Konjhodzic , Ph.D.
Department of Physics

(973) 761-7739

McNulty Hall
Room 209

Aras Konjhodzic, Ph.D.

Department of Physics

My research interests span from theoretical to applied physics. My recent and ongoing theoretical work is on the source of black hole jets. Previously, I collaborated with Texas A&M to work on Type II quantum computers and contributed to the development of nano arrays of quantum dots which were made of MgS doped with europium. At Argonne National Lab, I worked on Nuclear Forward Scattering and contributed to the development of gamma ray lasers. I also worked on the chemical inhibition of precipitation of vanadium in the development of vanadium redox flow batteries while at the University of New South Wales in Australia. In the field of applied physics, I am interested in the development of new batteries and desalination methods. As an educator, I am enthusiastic about flipped classrooms and incorporating game theory into peer reviews and evaluations of the students.