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Seton Hall University
Jurga Marshall


Jurga Marshall , DMS, M.S, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Department of Physician Assistant


Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus
Room 3342

Jurga Marshall, DMS, M.S, PA-C

Assistant Professor
Department of Physician Assistant

Science, research and discoveries have been major interests of mine since a young age. Later in life, I discovered that my true interest is working with the application of science to impact and help people. After working as a chemical engineer, I decided to become a physician assistant to gain the knowledge and ability to take care of people's health needs. After graduating from the Seton Hall University Master of Science - Physician Assistant Program, I practiced emergency medicine in North Jersey for several years and later joined the Seton Hall Department of Physician Assistant as a full-time member of the faculty. I recently obtained Doctor of Medical Science degree from Lincoln Memorial University and my current concentration is teaching basic medical sciences to the physician assistant students.

I am very passionate in teaching medical sciences, and I look forward to developing a positive learning atmosphere as well as providing the tools needed for our students to become great clinicians and leaders in their fields. I also hope to encourage students to assume roles in the advancement of healthcare and in research. I am very excited to play a role in developing new generations of healthcare providers, leaders and researchers.