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Seton Hall University
A photo of Richard Johnson.


Richard Johnson , P.T., Ed.D.
Department Chair
Department of Physical Therapy

(973) 275-2320

Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus
Room 3337

Richard Johnson, P.T., Ed.D.

Department Chair
Department of Physical Therapy

In August of 2022, I was hired as Chairperson in the Department of Physical Therapy at Seton Hall. I bring to Seton Hall 46 years of clinical experience, 31 years of faculty experience and 27 years of experience as an academic administrator. My administrator roles include Program Director and Chair for D.P.T. programs, Chair of a Ph.D. Program in Health and Rehabilitation, Chair of the Division of Rehabilitative Sciences, Associate Dean for Program Development and External Affairs, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, and Associate Dean and Director of Operations. I have developed two D.P.T. programs and a Ph.D. program and assisted in developing the first P.T. program in Haiti. Clinically, I created the first school-based physical therapy practice on Long Island in 1979 and continue to oversee the same clinical practice in 2022. My interest and experience in teaching is in the areas of Neuroscience, Motor Learning, Motor Control and Rehabilitation.

I also bring many years of experience in curriculum development and curriculum revision both as a Chair and as an educational consultant. I am presently a member of the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy School-Based SIG subcommittee that has developed a fact sheet for physical therapist regarding Children with Complex Medical Conditions. My research efforts have been directed at developing and validating three outcome measures for school-based physical therapy. These include School Activities and Participation Analysis – Elementary (SAPA-E), School Activities and Participation Analysis- Secondary (SAPA-S,) and Community Activities and Participation Analysis (CAPA).