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Seton Hall University


Jillian Duff , PT, Ph.D., CAE
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

(973) 275-2915

Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus

Jillian Duff, PT, Ph.D., CAE

Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

In September 2011, I joined the core faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy faculty as an Assistant Professor. My primary teaching responsibilities include the Clinical Skills and Life Span Development courses. I am also actively engaged in research and mentor small groups of DPT students as they navigate their way through the dissertation process.

My research uses the principles of ergonomics and biomechanics to investigate and remediate the risk of injury in adult working and aging populations. My doctoral dissertation focused on fall prevention in the elderly, more specifically on methods to identify and reduce environmental fall hazards in their homes and local communities. I am currently investigating the relationships between gait parameters, age and fall risk.

Prior to joining the faculty at Seton Hall, I worked with industrial clients to reduce injury rates, accelerate return to work and minimize risk of re-injury for their employees. I continue to research and provide consulting services in the field of industrial ergonomics.