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Seton Hall University
Kalani Hettiarachchilage


Kalani Hettiarachchi , Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

(973) 761-7739

McNulty Hall
Room 209

Kalani Hettiarachchi, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

Kalani Hettiarachchi earned her Ph.D. in computational-condensed matter Physics from Louisiana State University (LSU) and she held a two-years of postdoctoral position at center for computational technology and Physics at LSU. In recent years, a wide variety of experimental observation & theoretical prediction have found that many phase transition in real materials show complex interesting states that are nontrivial. Studying the origin of exotic quantum phases such as coexistent and inhomogeneous phases, quantum criticality, secondary ordered phases close to quantum critical points are the major initiative of her field of condensed matter physics. Further, computational methods based on the density functional theory to calculate material electronic structure to understand correlation between electronic structure and physical properties and numerical calculations for exactly unsolvable systems that need approximations are of her interests. She loves to teach and inspire her students in science. In addition to her previous years of teaching experiences, she focuses to educate her students by planning and implementing new teaching methodologies to promote interdisciplinary education among her Physics classes.