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Seton Hall University
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Heinrik Hellwig , PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy

(973) 761-9480

Fahy Hall
Room 308

Heinrik Hellwig, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy

Professor Hellwig’s areas of specialization are philosophy of law and ethics (including applied ethics). In philosophy of law, his primary research focuses on philosophical issues in tort law – specifically, debates about how we should understand the law’s requirement that plaintiffs must prove the defendant caused their injury to be compensated. In applied ethics, Professor Hellwig has written on issues such as the desirability of living forever, and moral arguments against combat sports. His recent publications include: “Could Hell Be Any Worse Than Doc Benton’s Immortality?” in The Ultimate Supernatural and Philosophy (Carus Books, 2022), and “What Can ‘Boom Boom Mancini’ Teach Us about Boxing and Ethics?” in Warren Zevon and Philosophy (Carus Books, forthcoming 2023). Currently, Professor Hellwig is working on two projects – an article on utilitarianism and special obligations (provisionally titled “Was James Mill a Good Parent?”), and an article on the possible justification for holding tortfeasors liable for negligence in cases where they couldn’t have been aware of the risk they created.