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Seton Hall University
David O'Connor Headshot


David O'Connor , Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy

(973) 275-5834

Fahy Hall
Room 310

David O'Connor, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy

Professor O’Connor’s main philosophical interests are in early-modern philosophy—Hume in particular—and in analytic philosophy of religion. He is the author of four books, including God, Evil, and Design (Blackwell) and Hume on Religion (Routledge), and of numerous journal articles and reviews. His “Natural Religion’s ‘Dangerous Consequences’” is due out later this year in New Essays on Hume’s Dialogues (Routledge). At present, he is at work on two projects; an essay, “Is there a Logical Problem of Evil after all?”, and a book provisionally titled Naturalism in Hume’s Philosophy of Religion.