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Seton Hall University
Chrysanthy Grieco


Chrysanthy Grieco , Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of English
Department of English

(973) 275-2176

Fahy Hall
Room 352

Chrysanthy Grieco, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of English
Department of English

Since coming to Seton Hall University in 1961 to the present, I have taught a great number of what today may be thought of as disparate courses, but that emphasize my contribution as generalist, rather than that of specialist, in the department. My beginnings were clearly in the areas of expository writing and great books, but as our department had to absorb constant losses of faculty, through retirement, resignation, or medical leaves, I became the "utility player," replacing them, often from semester to semester. My scholarship had to be devoted to preparing for these courses. I have taught every period in British literature and American literature; furthermore, I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses in special periods, persons, and genres. Along with these courses, when the College of Education and Human Services asked our department to offer a grammar course for students who are seeking accreditation in Middle School, I was the only one to volunteer, develop, and teach it.
My last position as dean of the University libraries is another example of my willingness and ability to work in many areas. The academic life, for me, continues to be a journey with no final destination yet in sight.