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Seton Hall University
Charles Carter


Charles Carter , Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies
Department of Religion

(973) 761-9472

Fahy Hall
Room 113

Charles Carter, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies
Department of Religion

I am a student and scholar of scripture. I specialize in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and examine its historical, literary, cultural and religious contexts. My particular focus is on the Persian period (540-332 BCE) --an era that profoundly impacted the content and formation of Hebrew Scripture. I also use archaeology, anthropology, and sociology to shed light on the worlds from which the biblical texts emerged and the ways in which these traditions helped shape culture and society.

My study of the Bible is not just academic. I am convinced that scripture is more than an artifact of human history and culture, that it is relevant to our 21st century global society. At its best, it calls for social and economic justice, challenges the status quo and political power, emphasizes community and commitment, promotes reconciliation, and struggles with life's difficult questions. My courses explore the ways in which religion informs and is informed by its cultural context --both for good and for ill. All of them embody one of my core beliefs: challenge everything.