Roger B. Alfani, Ph.D.

Core Fellow
Core Curriculum

He completed his Ph.D. in religious studies and peacebuilding at the University of Montreal, Canada, where he previously studied theology and biblical studies for his M.A. He also holds an Executive M.S. degree in International Affairs with specialization in Foreign Policy Analysis from Seton Hall University.

Alfani’s current research projects explore the nexus between religion and foreign policy, and the relation between religion, resilience, and refugees. He is also interested in the role of religious actors in peacebuilding efforts in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, in general, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in particular. Other research interests of Alfani cover international relations, local ownership, and African theologies. He is the author of the recently published book Religious Peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Peter Lang, 2019).

In the classroom, Alfani uses a participatory method built upon three main pillars, namely knowledge and experience dissemination, mutual learning, and attitude of fairness. He does not only provide a space (which becomes a community) conducive to a positive and effective learning experience through "power-sharing" and "engaged pedagogy" strategies, but he also ensures that each student thinks critically (and develops this skill) and invites them to share their thoughts.