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Seton Hall University
Faculty Headshot of Alexander Fadeev


Alexander Fadeev , Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

(973) 275-2807

McNulty Hall
Room 318


Alexander Fadeev, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

My research interests are in the fields of surface chemistry and materials science. Specifically, I am interested in covalent functionalization of surfaces and preparation of monomolecular layers and thin organic films supported on various inorganic solids including single crystals, nanoparticles, ordered mesoporous metal oxides, phosphates and others. This approach enables one to prepare materials with desired surface functionalities, well-defined geometry of the substrate and controlled energy of the interfacial interactions at solid-liquid and solid-vapor interfaces. Advanced applications of such materials are in the areas of adsorption and separation science, catalysis, wettability and adhesion, biomaterials, and sensors. The publications listed below summarize some of the most recent projects carried out in our group.