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Seton Hall University

Purchasing Services

The Procurement Department is responsible for processing all SHU Purchase Order requests.  Procurement will also assist the community on finding appropriate vendors to do business with and bidding out items or services the university needs to procure.  Procurement prepares, reviews and then selects vendors for the university based on the establishment of Requests for Proposal (RFP) and resulting competitive bid processes.  Procurement also maintains the official university preferred vendor list.


Any SHU employee who will have financial responsibility for approving and then submitting PO requests or who will be working with vendors should contact Procurement to receive training on the policies and procedures pertaining to these items.


Authorized PO requests are submitted to Procurement for review and processing into the Banner Financial System by Procurement Clerks.  Bid policy and approval authorization are confirmed in doing this and then POs established are e-mailed to the SHU requestor and/or the vendor on the PO.

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