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PA program requirements

Program Requirements

Academic Standards

Students in the PA program are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater. Failure to maintain the cumulative GPA at or above 3.0 will result in a student being placed on academic probation.

Completion Deadlines

Students are required to complete the curriculum within 5 years from the date of matriculation. In the event a student receives an incomplete grade for a course, the student has a maximum of 12 months to complete required coursework.

Progression and Completion Requirements

Students are required to complete all courses in the curriculum with a grade of C or better. In the event of course failure students may not progress into the next semester of the program until all courses have been completed with a C or better. Failure of two courses will result in dismissal.

Program completion requires students to successfully complete all coursework, clinical rotations and summative examinations.


Courses in the PA curriculum are offered once each year. In the event a student does not successfully complete a course, they will be decelerated a year and take the course the next time it is offered.


A remediation process is undertaken when a student fails to meet program expectations for academic or clinical performance. Remediation is not a punitive process - it is a process designed to help a student improve their performance. The nature of a remediation process is tailored to address the specific deficiency. As examples:

  • Written examinations are usually remediated through a process of written exercises oriented toward improving a knowledge deficit.
  • Hands-on skills and practical examinations are usually remediated though a process of additional supervised practice.
  • Professional behavior issues are usually remediated through guided self-reflective exercises.
  • Course failure is remediated by requiring a student to repeat the course with a grade of B or better.
  • A student's faculty advisor serves as the first point of contact when remediation is required. Additional information related to remediation can be found in the Program Handbook and Policy Manual.

Medical Requirements

Students are required to:

  • Document a physical examination on a form provided by the program
  • Demonstrate serologic immunity to varicella, rubella, rubeola, mumps and hepatitis B
  • Undergo annual tuberculosis screening
  • Have received DTaP vaccination in the last 5 years.

Background Check

Students are required to undergo annual criminal background checks while enrolled in the program.


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Program Requirements

For additional information related to PA program curriculum and requirements, please visit the Graduate Catalog: MS in Physician Assistant.