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Meet Ave Bie and Terry Grosenheider P'16

Grosenheider Parents PhotoTo find a world-class university, Ave Bie and Terry Grosenheider P'16 need only look across town. The couple's home is a short distance from the University of Wisconsin's flagship campus in Madison - offering all the benefits one would expect to find at a large research institution.

But when it came time for their son, Walter, to begin his college search, Bie and Grosenheider wanted a university that offered something more.

"Our family is very much committed to the mission of the Catholic school model: the academic excellence, the lifelong learning, the spirituality and the service," Bie said.

They also wanted Walter to experience a different part of the country, interact with people from many walks of life and have access to the excitement and opportunities of a large city.

"We felt that Seton Hall's proximity to New York and all of the cultural diversity on the East Coast would be a great fit for him," Grosenheider said. "It's a very different experience than he could find in Wisconsin." 

A product of the parochial school system in Madison, their son had visited several Catholic universities on the East Coast before selecting Seton Hall.

"From the moment he walked onto that campus, they wrapped their arms around him," Bie said. "He knew immediately that it felt different."

Now a junior, Walter has studied abroad in London and has become a "second son" to several of his classmates' families when the University is not in session. As remote parents, Bie and Grosenheider counted on Seton Hall to provide this close-knit community for their son both in and outside the classroom. 

"We're confident that they're looking out for his best interests," Bie said. "At one friend's house where he spends Thanksgiving and Easter, the mother emailed me and told me, 'We want you to know that he'll be getting a home-style experience here.'"

Because Bie and Grosenheider are not able to visit campus as much as other parents, they joined the Parents Leadership Council to stay connected to South Orange and fly the Seton Hall banner in the Great Lakes region. 

"The leadership at Seton Hall has a vision for the future," Bie said. "They have a firm sense of how they want to enrich the lives of students. We want to support that. And being on the council allows us to feel connected to some of the people who are guiding Walter through his college experience."

As part of their service to the University, the couple hosted a dinner and conversation in Madison with alumni, parents and friends, and say they are looking forward to doing more to help Seton Hall deepen its national imprint.

"The leadership at Seton Hall is doing a terrific job," Grosenheider said, "and we will do all we can to connect them to people in the Midwest."

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