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November 2023

Greetings to the Seton Hall family!

A grateful day of thanksgiving has passed, and autumn moves forward toward conclusion. On our street in northern New Jersey most of the trees are barren, and the local streets are congested with piles of leaves waiting for removal by town crews. The Advent season is about a week away. We are entering a time of readiness for the Nativity of the Lord. May we be diligent in preparation for the joy of Christmas!

The Old Testament readings at Mass last week were taken from the book of Maccabees. In these selections a heathen king is trying to force the Jewish people to abandon their religious traditions and practices, and worship another god. The people resist and pay the ultimate penalty. The Jews set an example - do not lower your beliefs and standards for immediate gain.

This month’s short reading correlates well with the Maccabean selections. At first glance baseball seems to be the theme of this particular piece. But this is a tale about standards and the need to uphold these cherished principles. The old coach, who is the protagonist in the story, uses a home plate analogy to illustrate his point. He shares his wisdom gracefully and effectively.

The article begs many questions for leaders. For myself, I ask: have I sacrificed standards for short term gain? What were the consequences of those decisions? did they diminish my authenticity and leadership? In my opinion, reduction of standards for short term gain has long range implications. I would agree with the old coach - adhere to your principles although that choice might be difficult.

What do you think? Until December.

Wally Kennedy