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Student working with equipment in lab.

Medical Education Research and Innovation

The opportunity to build a school of medicine in a mission-driven way has enabled the team to make intentional choices at every turn. This means we chose what to teach, but also how to teach, how to structure the curriculum, and what to prioritize based on what is needed to meet our goals and achieve the SOM’s Vision.

This enables us to build an innovative curriculum that builds on existing educational methods and evidence, and is specifically designed to achieve the educational outcomes we have set as our goals.

Our curriculum will be enhanced and supported a brand new state of the art Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus. The structure will house learning studios specifically designed to meet the needs of the curriculum, including learning studios, high fidelity simulation, a standardized patient center, task trainer and exam labs, and more.

We will also take full advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate, through the scholarly study, the outcomes of our curriculum. Through a longitudinal educational outcomes database, we hope to study and demonstrate the benefits of various educational approaches, taking a longitudinal and big-data approach to medical education research. As we build our Health Services Research enterprise, we also hope to study and demonstrate the impact and benefit SOM programs have on the communities with which we are partnering.