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College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Degree in Mathematics

Students who pursue an honors degree participate in a research project under faculty guidance and write an honors thesis about their work. Having completed such a research project is a great addition to a student's resume! Many graduates with honors degrees successfully published their projects as articles in mathematics research journals. Some have successfully moved on to graduate school where research experience is greatly valued by admissions offices. 

Graduating with honors requires:  

  • completing the Bachelor of Science program in Mathematics with 
  • a 3.3 GPA or higher in major courses numbered 3000 or above, including CSAS courses used to satisfy major requirements; 
  • a 3.0 overall GPA; 
  • at least 60 credits completed at Seton Hall University  
  • completing three full-year sequences, including both the algebra sequence (MATH 3815, 4815) and analysis sequence (MATH 3515, 4515);
  • completing an honors thesis project under the supervision of a department faculty member;
  • writing a honors Bachelor of Science thesis.