College of Arts and Sciences

B.S. Computer Science Curriculum

In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, degree candidates must complete the requirements listed below. All programs are worked out in consultation with a department adviser who may modify the program in view of the students' backgrounds and objectives. All programs must be approved by the department. No more than three internship credits (CSAS 3091-3094) may be used toward the major program in Computer Science.

Please note: Classes and program requirements are subject to change. Students who enroll at Seton Hall will follow the catalogue guidelines for the year they matriculate. Catalogues for each year are generally released in the late summer.

Freshman Year

CSAS 1114-1115 Introduction to Program Design I-II 6
MATH 1501 Calculus I for Mathematics & Physical Sciences 4
MATH 1611 Introductory Discrete Mathematics 3

Sophomore Year

CSAS 2123-2124 Introduction to Object-Oriented Design I-II 6
CSAS 2125 Computer Architecture and Assembly Programming 3
CSAS 2126 Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis 3

MATH 2111 OR
MATH 2711

Statistics for Science Majors OR
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH 2813 OR
MATH 2814
Linear Algebra OR
Introductory Linear Algebra & Computational Mathematics

Junior-Senior Year

CSAS 3111 Operating Systems 3
CSAS 3113 Programming Languages 3
CSAS 4113 Formal Languages and Automata 3
5 electives from the list below or from the group not chosen (15 credits)
CSAS 3010 Data Mining 3
CSAS 3091-3092 Computer Science Internship 3
CSAS 3093 Computer Science Internship 3
CSAS 3094 Computer Science Internship II 3
CSAS 3211 Computer Networks 3
CSAS 4061-4066 Special Topics in Computer Science 3
CSAS 4091-4096 Independent Study in Computer Science 3
CSAS 4115 Databases 3
CSAS 4117 Software Engineering I 3
CSAS 4118 Software Engineering II 3
CSAS 4122 Computer Graphics Visualization 3
CSAS 4201 Approaches to Big Data 3
CSAS 4911 Big Data Analytics 3
DAVA 3000 Data Visualization 3
DAVA 4021 Project in Visual Analytics 3
PSYC 3214 Cognitive Psychology 3
    Total Credits 56/57

Note: To graduate with departmental honors in Computer Science, students must also complete CSAS 4201-4202 Honors Research Project I-II (6).