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Buccino Leadership Institute

Meet the Coaches: Ken Warman  

Coach Ken WarmanStemming from his time as a collegiate athlete, Buccino Leadership Coach Ken Warman has always been focused on components of high-performance teams. This passion extended into his professional endeavors as a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Prudential Financial, a Fortune 500 Company. In 2019, he founded the Leader's Evolution, a leadership development company to use his passion to help others. At the Leader's Evolution, Warman and his staff aim to cultivate individuals' and companies' leadership skills to bring about higher levels of performance and positive business outcomes for their clients. Through Leadership Consulting, Executive Coaching, Team Development Programs and Top Executive Peer Groups, his company provides knowledge, tools, and framework for leadership growth and team success.

Warman’s Company works to build strong leaders in a variety of fields. Clients of his have included Slalom, a business and technology consulting firm, Karyopharm, a pharmaceutical company, the architectural firm ARCHforensic, and various financial companies and other high-level corporations. Mr. Warman utilizes the same professional leadership coaching techniques and services that he uses on these corporate professionals with our leadership students. With each type of client, he utilizes behavioral assessments to identify one's skills and weaknesses and coaches using a goal-oriented approach to create stronger leaders.

Warman has been involved in the Buccino Leadership Institute for twelve years. He first joined the institute as a member of the Leadership Advisory Council. Once on the council, Warman sought to become more involved with our student leaders and began by leading several leadership workshops with our senior cohort. After this positive experience, he made the transition to our professional leadership coaching staff in 2019 to further cultivate the next generation of leaders.

When asked about his most powerful moment as a coach, Mr. Warman explained that "the greatest moments for me are helping a student chart the course of what is most important to them. Identifying their passion and what they value most in life. Being able to take those true values and help them connect them to career opportunities that support their passion is extremely rewarding for me." This philosophy towards coaching was evident when interviewing sophomore Jasmine DeLeon on her coaching experience. Jasmine explained how "coaching has helped me identify the kind of environment and team I work best with. Consequently, I have new ideas about the organizations I want to work for and the career I will pursue."

Jasmine's coaching experience demonstrates why the institute believes leadership coaching is crucial to student development. Our program is believed to be the only undergraduate leadership program that guarantees individualized leadership coaching to their students. We understand how impactful these one-on-one experiences can be, as they allow a professional to help a student get to the root of their unique passions and skillsets. By having this individualized experience, coaches can help students identify how they can improve upon themselves to reach their desired personal and professional goals.

On behalf of the Buccino Leadership Institute, I would like to thank Coach Ken Warman for all the work he has put into our students. You have impacted countless students' lives and we are grateful for all that you have done to help make our leaders better.

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