Buccino Leadership Institute

Robert Pringle

Finance major

Oakland, New Jersey

"I have always strived to set the best example I can for the people around me. Through the Buccino leadership program, I know that I can better myself not just as a leader but as a person and help to live the example I wish to set for all those I come across."

Headshot image of Robert PringleRobbie is someone who enjoys helping people in any way possible. If you are ever in a pinch, whether it be a personal issue or some car troubles, Robbie your go-to guy. He derives great joy from aiding those in need and loves making personal connections. Robbie very much enjoys talking sports of any kind and adores his job at his local supermarket because of the opportunity to strike up conversations and make connections with people he did not previously know. Something as simple as seeing a customer with a Mets hat on can be enough for a new friendship to blossom, and these are the moments Robbie lives for.  

As a friend, Robbie tries to be caring and thoughtful. When he first got his license, it seems like he drove more miles for his friends than he did himself. And he didn’t mind because of the great conversations generated in those lengthy car rides and experiences shared with his friends. Some of the closest friends Robbie made were through athletics, as a third baseman in baseball and goalkeeper in soccer. As an athlete, Robbie learned some of what it takes to lead a team to accomplish its goals. As the captain and goalkeeper for his varsity high school soccer team, Robbie helped his team to the biggest upset in tournament history and an excellent victory for his school. Both on and off the field, Robbie's biggest strength is the bond he can create with people, whether it's on the soccer field or elsewhere.  

Robbie is able to make these connections is because of the loving family that brought him up. He has a mother and father who love and support him through everything, a caring little sister who he loves looking out for, and of course a dog that taught him what he knows about companionship. This loving environment that Robbie grew up in has allowed him to see the good in people and always try to find a way to make a lasting connection. This bond helps him lead others who enjoy working with him, and he takes great pride in that. 

Seton Hall Career Highlights: 

  • Competitively selected into Buccino Leadership program 
  • Business Senator in the Student Government Association 
  • Member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity