Buccino Leadership Institute

Christopher Lucas

Finance, Marketing majors;

Oakland, California

"Seek discomfort because those are the times we truly grown and gain experiences to lead ourselves and other better."

If life is about new experiences, then Christopher Lucas is the embodiment of this idea. Coming from Oakland, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area to New Jersey, is a monumental change. Although living across the country and living on his own is a big move, Chris takes it as a learning experience. Christopher strives to "seek discomfort" in all aspects of his life because he believes it is the best way to grow as a person. He has many unique and inspiring personality features which allow him to stand out amongst the average person. All his natural personality traits coincide with the factors necessary to blossom into an effective businessman.

Christopher was sold on Seton Hall after his first visit to the University. "Everyone one I met, from student to faculty, seemed very genuine. Selecting a college is a stressful task for a senior in high school, but Seton Hall was the first school I felt comfortable saying yes to." The leadership program is what made Christopher eventually apply to Seton Hall. He realized that the opportunity to learn and network was something he could not pass up.

Chris hopes to learn how to carry himself as a future business leader. "While applying, I was trying to decide I if wanted to pursue the leadership program or the honors program. I eventually chose the leadership program because whereas the honors program is an academic honors program, the leadership program is more of a professional honors program and I felt like it would have more practical benefits for me in the future."

Christopher has joined multiple clubs ranging from Hall Street Fund, our student-led finance and investing club, to Black Men of Standard, an intercollegiate mentoring and community outreach group for the minority group of black men at the university. Outside of Seton Hall, he has been selected as one of sixty Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars from around the nation. The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides generous scholarships and mentoring for students of color in hopes to carry on the memories of Jackie Robinson.

Christopher's professional goal is to be a financial analyst in the future.

Seton Hall Career Highlight:

  • Competitively selected to be in the first Buccino Leadership Institute
  • Gerald P. Buccino Honors Business Leadership Program Class of 2022 Representative
  • Member of Hall Street Fund Club
  • Member of Seton Hall Consulting Club
  • Member of Black Student Union
  • Member of Black Men of Standard Club