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Profiles of the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute Advisory Council: Erika Ota Liedtke

Erika Ota LiedtkErika Ota Liedtke ’18, alumna and Data and Analytics Governance Specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed) has accepted her invitation to serve on the 2024-2026 Advisory Council for The Joseph A Unanue Latino Institute. She has held various roles at the New York Fed Supervision Group and Executive Office, and the private sector. Throughout her career, she has worked on topics at the intersection of data, technology, and regulation with a focus on risk management and strategy. She contributed to establishing engagement strategies between regulatory authorities and FinTech players, as well as conducted research on topics ranging from data to the use of artificial intelligence in central banking.

She is passionate about uplifting women and people of color for careers in finance and technology. Her commitment is demonstrated as she leads select DE&I efforts at the New York Fed and serves as senior advisor to Seton Hall University Women in Business (SHU WIB), a club she founded while in college with the objective of connecting and empowering women interested in business across sectors and degrees. She is also a Colorwave Fellow Alum and leads a number of outreach efforts to underserved communities during her free time.

SHU Women in BusinessErika acknowledges the formative role of the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute in her career. As a young student, she remembers the first time she learned about the Institute, "I was searching for community and support on campus and was fortunate enough to meet Denise Oller, the former Executive Director who connected me with various engagement opportunities. I also applied for the scholarship which gave me one less thing to worry about and then I was invited into this world of networking with the Institute. It was really empowering."

Erika’s engagement continued throughout her time at Seton Hall where the Institute taught her the importance of understanding an audience and the power of soft skills. On an institutional level, Seton Hall’s Career Center was central to her initial successes along with the institutional focus on servant leadership which, "became central to everything I have done in my career thus far. In fact, much of my passion can be traced back to Carmen Ana Unanue."

Erika reflects back to Carmen Ana Unanue, co-founder of the Joseph A. Unanue Institute, with fond memories. "Carmen was a holy woman who was so deeply connected to the Institute’s mission, a vision she and her husband made a reality. She continued Mr. Unanue’s legacy by connecting with students one on one, and creating a sense of belonging for the scholars - her commitment to philanthropy was significant in every way. Her passion and legacy have heavily influenced my engagement with the institute today as the Co-chair of the Alumni group."

Erika, leads the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute (JAULI) Alumni Group with her co-chair Adrian Orozco. The JAULI Alumni Group continues the Institutes’ relationship and provides all alumni with the opportunities to engage, mentor, network, and attend sponsored events. As a member of the Advisory Council, Erika’s focus will be on the Council’s effort to align, connect and create a robust alumni community. "It took a village for me to get where I am, I want to be part of the village of others that need me today." She welcomes all to "get involved and give back" to empower the next generation of Latine/a/o/x leaders who will change the world.

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