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Profiles of the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute Advisory Council: Ed Martinez

Ed Martinez at Seton Hall's Latino Scholars Dinner

Ed Martinez at Seton Hall's Latino Scholars Dinner.

In June, the 2024-2026 Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute Advisory Council was named. The Council is invitation only and comprised of accomplished individuals who have demonstrated servant leadership and excellence in their fields. Amongst the exclusive group of contributors is Mr. Ed Martinez ’96/M.P.A. ’98, a distinguished alumnus of Seton Hall University and Executive Director with a career spanning 20-years at the prestigious investment bank, Morgan Stanley. Ed brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as an Advisory Council member of the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute at Seton Hall University, further strengthening the Institute's mission to empower Latino students.

Martinez's journey is not just a testament to his personal achievements, but also shines a light on the enduring support of our founders, the late Joseph A. Unanue, former CEO of Goya Foods and the late Carmen Ana Unanue. Martinez’s connection to the Institute is deeply rooted, having been a recipient of a Goya Scholarship before the Institute was even founded. Reflecting to his experience, Martinez states, "being awarded the Goya scholarship, allowed me to get a master’s degree which has had a positive impact on my career." Then, in 2005, the Unanue family expanded their commitment to the Latino community, culminating in the founding of the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute.

The Latino Institute stands as a beacon of opportunity, providing students with financial, academic, social, emotional, and professional support to become strong servant leaders. In addition, through its cultural programming, the Institute introduces and celebrates the Latino culture and its significance. Since 2005, the Institute has awarded over $1.74 million in scholarships and now, going into our 20th Anniversary in 2025, the Institute hopes to expand its mission.

Martinez's involvement with the Institute extends beyond his appointment to the Advisory Council. Martinez understands the struggles encountered by first generation students and notes, "as a first-generation student from Hudson County, I didn’t have the guidance that other students received in their families because we simply didn’t know. Now in this role, I hope to continue to offer guidance and mentorship that can give the students a chance at a meaningful career." This intention is significant as Latinos are underrepresented in leadership roles within the financial industries as reported by the EEOC. As Martinez collaborates closely with the Institute's leadership, there is a hope to forge strategic partnerships with corporate entities, with the intent to collectively bring attention and change to this issue.

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