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Seton Hall University
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Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies

Welcome to the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies! Monsignor John M. Oesterreicher established the Institute at Seton Hall University in 1953. It is the oldest academic institution in the world dedicated to Catholic-Jewish relations.

Our values, mission and vision, flow from God's call to serve and be a blessing to the world. All three are guided by the underlying principles of the constitutions and decrees of the Second Vatican Council, especially Nostra Aetate and the Holy See's documents to implement the Church's relationship with the Jewish people.

Programs and Activities

In partnership with Seton Hall, the Institute promotes peacebuilding through three program areas:

Education is one of the most effective ways to instill understanding and mutual collaboration. Msgr. Oesterreicher therefore made it a priority to develop the world’s first Graduate Program in Jewish-Christian Studies in 1975. The program aims to build an internationally diverse community of leaders, scholars, educators and students.