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Seton Hall University

Institutional Need Based Grant Programs Procedure

Seton Hall University awards most of its institutional funds based upon the nationally-accepted philosophy that the primary financial responsibility for higher education lies with the one who receives the greatest benefit from such education - the student.

Secondary responsibility lies with a student's parents, followed by state and federal governments. Finally, colleges, universities, private organizations, and foundations attempt to fill any remaining need. The College is committed to helping families assess various options to meet the financial obligations of a Seton Hall University education whenever possible.

Much of Seton Hall's institutional grant funding is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. A limited amount is available for scholarships based solely on merit and awarded in recognition of exceptional academic performance.

Every student who provides a complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is considered for the Seton Hall institution need-based grant programs.

Seton Hall University attempts to meet a student's financial need with institutional and government resources. Because sufficient resources are not always available to meet 100% of every student's need, there is considerable competition for funds. Priority is given to students who demonstrate exceptional financial need. All students must re-file every academic year prior to March 1.

Freshman applicants are awarded financial aid based on the information they provide on the FAFSA. All award values are conditional, subject to full and complete verification of the financial aid application. If the information originally provided must be changed, adjustments will be made to the applicant's file, which could result in a decrease of the aid listed on the Financial Aid Award Letter.

Institutional need-based grant programs are non-renewable. Students must apply each academic year to be considered for funding. All continuing students must apply by the March 1 deadline. Awards are based upon student financial need, and amount of available funding determined for each academic year. Institutional need-based grant programs are for undergraduate students pursuing their first bachelor degree. Second degree and/or graduate students are not eligible for institutional need-based grant programs. Undergraduate students that are Full-time Equivalent are not eligible for need-based grants. You must be a full-time student paying full-time charges to receive a need-based grant. Students that have not graduated after 8 terms will be eligible for 1 additional semester. The total number of semesters a UG student can receive in Institutional Need based funding is 9 semesters if funds are available.

Per federal regulations the receipt of private scholarships may affect a financial aid package. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Student Financial Services Office of all private scholarships received so that it may be determined if these funds have an effect on other resources awarded. If the Office of Financial Aid is notified of a student receiving a private scholarship the students institutional grant aid may be reduced and/or eliminated due to the additional aid information that our office receives.

No institutional aid, including Seton Hall University Scholarships, Need-Based Grants, and Non-Renewable Grants, is transferable to an abroad program for which tuition is paid to another institution. When tuition for an abroad program is paid to Seton Hall University, usually no changes in these awards are required. Students should always check with the Office of Financial Aid, however, to determine whether attendance in any abroad program will affect the student's institutional aid.

Enrollment Status Determination
A student's enrollment status is determined at the end of the add/drop period (Week 1). At that time the student is charged, and any financial aid is paid based on the enrollment status. Individual course drops after Week 1 do not entitle the student to a refund for that course.

Students awarded SHU Need-Based and/or Seton Hall Grants must be enrolled full-time to be eligible for this award. Students who are registered for less than full time their awards will be canceled for the term that reflects less than full-time enrollment.

Students awarded SHU Need-Based and/or Seton Hall Grants that have also been selected for verification must complete all federal requirements in order to receive the award. The students Financial Aid file must be completed by October 1st to receive the SHU Need-Based and /or Seton Hall Grants.

Institutional Merit Based Scholarships
Students who receive full tuition merit based scholarships and/or Tuition Remission and/or Exchange are not eligible to receive Seton Hall Need-Based grants.

Grants and/or Scholarships
Students who receive additional grants and/or scholarships that were not originally report and included in the student financial aid package may impact the student eligibility for institutional need-based grant aid. Students’ institutional need-based aid may be reduced or canceled due to the increased funding the student receives from other sources. It is important for students to communicate the additional aid to the Office of Financial Aid immediately to determine the impact the funding may have on the student overall financial aid package.

All Seton Hall Need-Based Grant programs must be applied to student account. Institutional need-based grant programs are not eligible for student refunds. All institutional need-based grant programs may only be applied towards the student direct costs. The Need based grant will go toward Tuition and Fees only.

Effective Date

August 31, 2009