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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Curriculum: Graduate Certificate for Information Technologies

Students completing 15 credits in technology will receive the IT Certificate. With advisement, select 15 credits from the following courses:

Curriculum Choices
EDST 6210 Real World Technologies 3
EDST 6216 Digital Research and Information Literacy 3
EDST 6307 Integrating Curriculum & Technology in the Inclusive Classroom 3
EDST 6304 Production of Instructional Resources I 3
EDST 6315 Technical Processes for Ed Media & Technology Programs 3
EDST 6305 Production of Instructional Resources II 3
EDST 6308 Organizing & Administering Ed Media & Technology Programs 3
EDST 6347 Special Projects in Technology 3
EDST 6214 Emerging Web Technologies 3
EDST 6344 Seminar: Social, Ethical, Legal Issues in Technology 3
EDST 6345 Online Course Management and Delivery 3

See the University's graduate catalogue for further details.