Seton Hall University

Requesting Accommodations for Your Study Abroad Program

Requesting accommodations abroad is a collaborative process involving the student, Disability Support Services (DSS), the Office of International Programs (OIP), the program abroad and the faculty member(s). The Study Abroad Program you are applying for will involve travel to foreign places that can have unpaved streets, cobblestones, stairs, less transportation services and other obstacles. The Program likely will require a certain level of physical fitness to navigate the terrain. Extensive walking may be required. Because laws and accessibility vary by country and program, it is important to allow sufficient time so that appropriate arrangements and accommodations can be made in advance.

Although study abroad accommodations planning can require time, DSS and OIP will help you investigate accessibility and accommodations abroad. The earlier any disability-related condition is disclosed, the more time there will be to plan for accommodations. Unless a student raises questions or concerns, DSS and OIP cannot assist you before and during your trip abroad.

If you require any accommodations, students are encouraged to begin the process by completing the Request for Accommodations Abroad Form, found below, at least six (6) months before the trip's scheduled departure date. If you have any questions about this process, please contact DSS at: [email protected].