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Registration Opens for Winter Session 2021  

Winter SessionWhen the weather outside is frightful, you'll have the perfect opportunity to spend a warm, cozy day inside while moving even closer toward your degree.

Seton Hall is proud to announce its courses for Winter Session 2021. Whether you want to free up your spring, accelerate your graduation date, or squeeze in an elective between semesters, you'll be able to do so from the comfort of your own home. All courses will run online asynchronously January 5-22, and enrollment is open to current Seton Hall students, Pirates Virtual Academy students, and visiting students. Registration begins November 2 and ends January 6.

Winter Session undergraduate tuition will be at the standard 2020-2021 rate of $1,315 per credit, plus a registration fee of $55. Please note that Winter Session is an independent session and is not part of spring registration or tuition.

Current Seton Hall undergraduate students, as well as students who have participated in Pirates Virtual Academy, who take three credits will receive a $750 scholarship toward their Winter Session tuition. No additional financial aid is available for students in this program. Students cannot file the FAFSA and cannot receive any federal or state aid which includes student or parent loans. The balance after the scholarship is applied must be paid by the family. Visiting students are not eligible for this scholarship at this time.

The format for all courses will be asynchronous; students will not have specific class times as a group, but rather, will log in to view recorded lectures, leverage outside resources and participate in group discussions as their own schedules permit. However, there may be cases in which a course will require an assessment or exam to be taken at a specific time, and there will be deadlines for assignments. Each syllabus will outline the specific requirements for that course.

Courses will include:

  • American History II
  • Business Writing
  • Child Welfare Policy and Practice
  • Developmental Psychology  
  • Digital Art and Design I
  • Ethics
  • Integrated Human Science
  • Introduction to Biology
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology
  • Introduction to Physical Science
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Visual Theory-Technique
  • The Juvenile Justice System
  • Literacy Numeracy Strategies
  • Modern Women of Faith (CORE 3)
  • Personality Concepts
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Public-Presentational Speaking
  • Religions of the World
  • United States Politics
  • World History I

Additional courses may be added throughout the fall.

Get your new year started on the right track! Visit the Winter Session website for registration information, course descriptions, frequently asked questions, and more.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Diane Russo
  • (973) 761-9087