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Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies

Building Bridges in Finance: Seton Hall University Forges Pathways Between Academia and Industry With FPA-NJ Alliance

group at finance eventSeton Hall University welcomed the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey (FPA-NJ) for an enriching day of education and professional networking, reinforcing the university's commitment to academic excellence and fostering connections with industry partners and professionals. 

The event, held in October, was co-hosted by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies and the Stillman School of Business, and provided a platform for students, faculty and professionals to engage in discussions, share insights and build relationships within the financial planning sphere. Seton Hall's renowned academic programs in finance in the Stillman School of Business and its active student organizations specializing in the field ensured a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences throughout the day.

Bridges in Finance eventAttendees had the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, seminars and panel discussions, led by industry experts and seasoned professionals. Topics ranged from investment strategies and retirement planning to wealth management and estate planning, offering valuable insights into various facets of financial planning.

"We were thrilled to host the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey at Seton Hall University," said Associate Dean Mark Schild. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to align academics with industry practices and connect students with professionals in their chosen field. It's a fantastic opportunity for financial professionals from across the area to gain valuable insights and forge meaningful connections within the finance industry."

The event also served as a platform for financial professionals to connect with each other and learn about trends and opportunities in the industry. David Haas - FPANJ's Chapter president, remarked about the collaboration, “I am just so happy that we can work together with Seton Hall on our fall symposium. FPANJ would like to deepen our relationship with an important institution in our state which trains the next generation of financial planners. When we help each other, we all benefit. Seton Hall has excellent facilities for us and a beautiful campus which I am so happy they are willing to share. Students can get the opportunity to meet and learn from experienced financial planners and our members can get to know students which they might be able to hire in a few years. I look forward to our next symposium at Seton Hall in 2024.”

Overall, the collaboration between Seton Hall University and the FPA-NJ exemplifies the importance of integrating academic learning with practical industry insights and networking opportunities. Events like these contribute to the development of a vibrant and well-connected finance community and provide new pathways for students.

As Seton Hall continues to foster such industry partnerships and initiatives, it reaffirms its position as a leading institution for professional development, impactful experiential learning  and facilitating meaningful employer relationships for students. Contact [email protected] for information on industry partnerships and collaborations.

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