Seton Hall University

Anchored at Seton Hall

Who We Are

Anchored is a student-run, social media initiative focused on spreading messages of hope and inspiration. It seeks to build authentic connections and nourish the whole person through meaningful posts and messaging. The posts will use varied means to highlight the richness and diversity of Seton Hall people, projects and ideas. Look for us at #stayanchored.

Contact Us

Please contact us at [email protected].

The Stories We Tell

These are just a few examples of the material we cover through our outreach.

  • Humans of Seton Hall strives to create familiar faces around campus one story at a time. These stories highlight some of the great minds of our community with the intention of anchoring us all to campus through shared experiences and relatability. 
  • Motivational Mondays are quotes that will get rid of that case of the Mondays and help you to start the week off strong! 
  • Secrets of the Staff captures poignant advice from Seton Hall faculty by asking them to share a lesson or piece of encouragement that has helped to shape their life. Each short video seeks to inspire students and help them to connect to the community as a whole. 
  • Stress Free Saturdays bring actionable tips that seek to help students manage the stress of daily life.

Ways to Participate

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  Contribute Content

Nominate a Human of Seton Hall, a Secret of the Staff and/or contribute content for our Motivational Monday or Stress Free Saturday posts. We are looking for quotes that inspire, photographs that lift our spirits and messages of encouragement to share on social media. Click here to nominate someone or contribute content