College of Arts and Sciences

Diplomacy and Social Sciences

AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program
  • For undergraduate seniors, recent graduates, and graduate/PhD students in the fields of the natural, physical, health, engineering, computer, or social sciences or mathematics. Participants serve a 10-week fellowship in a newsroom, helping to spread science knowledge to the public and enhance coverage of science-related issues in the media.
  • Award: $450 weekly stipend for the duration of the program, as well as travel expenses.
AFCEA Intelligence and Cyber Security Scholarships
  • For full-time sophomores, juniors, and graduate students in fields directly related to the support of U.S. intelligence or homeland security enterprises, and/or foreign languages. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and financial need.
  • Award: $2,250 for undergraduate students; $5,000 for graduate students.
  • For U.S. citizens or permanent residents who will have earned a Bachelor's or Master's degree by the start of the program in September 2012. Requires a 3.0 GPA and demonstrated interest in the political process, public policy, and Asian American and Pacific Islander issues. Provides exceptional graduates and young professionals with an opportunity to work on policy issues as full-time staff members of a Congressional office, Federal agency, or non-profit community organization in Washington D.C.
  • Award: 9-month fellowship includes program stipend, round-trip flight fare, and a notebook computer.

Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program

  • For seniors or recent graduates who are U.S citizens. Applicants must show evidence of academic achievement and will have a strong interest in and/or experience working in or with programs that address health issues disproportionately affecting racial and ethnic minorities or underserved communities (e.g. local health departments, community health centers, inner city/rural hospitals or organizations that conduct research on or develop policy related to health or healthcare disparities).  This may include previous academic work (e.g. taken courses, written papers or participate in research projects) related to health disparities. Participants work for 11 weeks over the summer in congressional offices and learn about health policy issues.
  • Award: Daily expenses such as meals and transportation, transportation to and from Washington D.C., and housing costs are covered. Participants also receive a stipend upon completion of the program.
  • The Gilman Scholarship is open to all U.S. citizen undergraduates, in good academic standing, who meet the criteria listed below. The applicant must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant or provide proof that he/she will be receiving a Pell Grant at the time of application or during the term of their study abroad. 
  • The applicant is studying in the fall, spring, or academic year terms including winter inter-sessions.  Summer only programs are not eligible.
  • Award: Over 2,300 scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded each year for U.S. citizen undergraduates to study abroad. Award amounts will vary depending on the length of study and student need with the average award being $4,000.
Captain Gregory T. Dalessio Scholarship
  • For full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations who are U.S. citizens, have a minimum GPA of 3.6, and can demonstrate financial need.
  • Award: $5,000
  • Contact: Prof. Martin Edwards ([email protected]).
  • Outstanding graduating seniors and recent graduates who have not started graduate school and who are interested in serving as research assistants to Carnegie Endowment Associates. Criteria: essay, academic record and recommendations. Need not be a citizen but must be eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Award: 1-year fellowship provides a stipend of $33,000 and the opportunity to assist with Carnegie Endowment Projects, including non-proliferation, democracy training, trade, China-related issues, etc. 8-10 fellowships/ year. 
  • For graduate students who will soon be finishing a degree related to international development or business, or undergraduate students soon to finish their Bachelor's degree who have at least 5 years of experience in management or international development. Applicants must have professional proficiency in French, Spanish, Arabic, or Portuguese and be interested in a future career with Catholic Relief Services. See website for more details about ideal applicants.
  • Award: Participants receive a stipend, housing, transportation to and from the country to which they are assigned, medical insurance, and more.
  • For all students, including recent graduates and international students. Total program length is 10 weeks, including an 8-week paid public policy internship and two career and policy seminars.
  • Award: $1,500 stipend, housing assistance, limited number of travel scholarships.
  • Graduate students in a Master's program preparing for a career in state and local government finance. Must be recommended by an academic advisor or dean of graduate program.  For citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or Canada.
  • Award: $10,000 award.  Scholarship winner is invited to attend the Government Finance Officers Association national conference, where the award is presented.
Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship
  • For juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have interest in public policy, the high tech industry, and/or computer science. Open to international students. Participants serve an 8-week internship in the government relations office of a leading high technology company or association, as well as a weekly issues seminar led by experts in the field.
  • Award: $5,000 stipend to cover expenses associated with the fellowship.
  • Emerging social entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up and leading innovative, replicable, and sustainable public service projects and organizations.
  • Award: 2-year fellowships, which include grants of up $60,000 for individuals and $90,000 for 2-person partnerships and a stipend. 
Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship - Daughters of the American Revolution
  • For U.S. citizens, male or female, pursuing a major in either political science, history, government, or economics.
  • Award: $1,000
Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship
  • For graduate students who will graduate before the start of the fellowship with at least two years of work experience in public policy fields. U.S. Embassies, Fulbright Commissions (where applicable), and host country governments will coordinate appropriate professional placements for candidates in public policy areas including, but not limited to, public health, education, agriculture, justice, energy, environment, public finance, economic development, information technology, and communications. All applicants must be U.S. citizens.
  • Award: Benefits include U.S. Department of State sponsorship and funding, professional placement coordination, a housing and living stipend, academic project allowances, health/accident insurance coverage, and international travel expenses. Fellows will participate in a pre-departure orientation in Washington, DC.
  • Outstanding juniors, seniors, and graduate students interested in researching the intellectual and institutional foundations of a free society.  Criteria: academic performance, potential for success in scholarly field, and relevance of work to fellowship mission. Requires a $25 application fee.  Fellowships generally awarded to citizens of U.S., Canada, and U.K.
  • Award: 120 awards provide up to $12,000 for undergraduate or graduate study in the United States or abroad.
  • For graduating seniors who want to develop and engage in a public service project before pursuing graduate school or a career. Awards based on proposal, academic record and other personal achievements. Non-citizens must be graduating seniors from a U.S. college or university.
  • Award: $10,000 stipend for one year of public service anywhere in the world.
Insight Collaborative Fellowship Program
  • For graduating seniors or graduates interested in international conflict management. Participants serve a 12-month fellowship with multiple placements. The first three-month placement is at the Boston offices of Insight Collaborative and its affiliate, Insight Partners. During this tenure in Boston, Fellows advance their understanding of the theory and practice of effective negotiation, communication, and mediation; meet pivotal figures in the field; attend workshops; receive personalized coaching; and see first-hand how international conflict management professionals operate in the academic, non-profit, and for-profit sectors. The subsequent nine months are divided into three foreign placements proposed and arranged by the Fellow. Placements are approved by Insight Collaborative on the basis of safety and the extent to which they meet the Insight Fellowship Guidelines.
  • Award: A $25,000 stipend that fellows must eventually repay through fundraising efforts, done mostly during the initial part of the fellowship in Boston.
James Madison Memorial Fellowship
  • For U.S. citizens and nationals planning to become a teacher of American history, American government, or social studies at the secondary level (grades 7 - 12). Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree or plan to receive a bachelor's degree no later than August 31 of the year in which they are applying, and wait at least three years from the time that any previous graduate degree was awarded before applying. After receiving a master's degree funded through the fellowship, each fellow must teach American history, American government, or social studies in grades 7–12 for one full year for each academic year of funding received under a fellowship, preferably in the state from which the recipient won the fellowship.
  • Award: Up to $24,000 of tuition funding towards an MA, MS, MAT, or MEd degree. (Must be in education, American history, political science, or a closely related subject. See website for more details).
Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace - Middlebury Language Schools
  • For all students studying or wanting to begin studying Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian. Applicants must also submit an application to one of the Middlebury Language Schools. Intended for students with demonstrated interest in one of the following areas (although students studying other subjects are still invited to apply): international, global, or area studies; international politics and economics; peace and security studies; and/or conflict resolution.
  • Award: Covers the full cost of summer language study at a Middlebury Language School, including tuition, room, and board. 
  • For juniors and seniors at U.S. universities with an interest in economics and international finance who have been accepted for study in Japan for the 2011-2012 academic year.
  • Award: Two awards of $7,500 to assist in expenses. 
National Bureau of Asian Research - Next Generation Fellowship
  • For second-year graduate students or recent Master's degree recipients who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Participants serve a year-long fellowship in Seattle.
  • Award: A $32,500 fellowship award, including benefits, and reimbursement for some relocation expenses.
  • For sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students who are U.S. citizens and are studying one of the following languages: Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Pashto, Persian-Farsi, Russian or Urdu. Requires a 3.0 GPA, with a 3.5 GPA in language studies preferred, and students must continue to take at least one language course each semester. A 12-week summer internship program that may continue for a second summer, and may also include a conditional job offer from the National Security Agency after graduation.
  • Award: Participants receive a salary throughout the course of their internship. Participants who travel to the internship from an out-of-state school are eligible for travel reimbursement.
The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  • The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, psychology, social work, history, public health, social work, business administration/management, and education (except research-focused STEM education programs). Applicants must be pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees in the U.S. and abroad. Women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Award: Fellows benefit from a three-year annual stipend of $30,000 along with a $10,500 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees, a one-time $1,000 travel allowance and the freedom to conduct their own research at any accredited U.S., or foreign institution of graduate education they choose. Also provides TeraGrid Supercomputer access.
  • Graduate students (enrolled or recently graduated) who are eligible for high-level security clearance and have a career interest in nuclear nonproliferation and U.S. national security interests. U.S. citizenship required.
  • Award: The fellowship is a 12-month appointment in Washington, D.C. Fellows participate in daily activities to support NNSA's global nonproliferation programmatic work. Annual salary of $49,000 ($59,000 for post-doctoral fellows), and a $3,000 signing bonus. Benefits include health and dental plans, paid vacation, paid holidays, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Undergraduates applying to study abroad in a country critical to U.S. interests. (See website.)  Preference is given to students planning to study for one year abroad.  Must demonstrate language aptitude and commit to a service requirement with the federal government. For U.S. citizens.
  • Award: Provides up to $20,000 towards a study abroad program that includes language training.
Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships
  • For U.S. citizens who have secured a summer internship at the Department of State in Washington D.C., London, or Paris. Applicants must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are continuing directly on to graduate studies. A strong academic record, evidence of extensive scholarly research or creative projects, and evidence of leadership, public service, and commitment to the community are also required.
  • Award: $5,000
  • For juniors and prospective graduate students pursuing a foreign service career and demonstrating outstanding leadership and academic achievement.  Women, members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service, and students with financial need are encouraged to apply.  Must commit to graduate studies. Minimum GPA: 3.2. For U.S. citizens.
  • Award: Provides tuition and living expenses during the junior and senior years of college or for the first two years of graduate school. 
  • Graduate students who will be completing their program either in the fall 2010 or spring 2011 semester, a clear interest in public service and one to three years of work experience and/or internships in public service, transportation, or related fields.
  • Award: Two-year, fast-track, rotational program offers fellows on-the-job experience in planning, financial, and facility operations functions. Competitive compensation and benefits program including health, dental, life insurance, vacation, holidays, and tuition assistance.
  • Juniors committed to pursuing a Master's degree in public or international affairs and a career in public service. Must demonstrate an involvement with underserved populations or an interest in international affairs. For U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.
  • Award: Provides full tuition for 7 week intensive Junior Summer Institute at elected institutions plus a stipend and other benefits.  Prepares students to become more competitive applicants for graduate degrees and provides at least $5,000 towards graduate school tuition.  Fellows are also eligible for paid internships and other opportunities for professional development.
The Rachel Tanur Prize for Visual Sociology
  • For all current students majoring in the social sciences, including anthropology, communication studies, criminal justice, cultural studies, economics, education, history, political science, psychology, sociology, and social work. Applicants must submit two commentaries, each no more than 4000 characters (~500 words) in length, and one photo. One commentary must be based on one or more of the photos by Rachel Tanur and one must be based on an original photo taken by the applicant. Each commentary is expected to give a sociological analysis of the selected visual material, based on theoretical and applied social science methods. See the page of past winners for examples.
  • Award: 1st prize: $2,500; 2nd prize: $1,500; 3rd prize: $500.
Ralph W. Shrader Diversity Scholarship
  • Open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students specializing in fields directly related to U.S. intelligence or national security enterprises. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Minimum GPA of 3.4 required.
  • Award: Unspecified.
  • For U.S. citizens who are graduating seniors or recent graduates, and beginning work on a graduate degree in international affairs or another area relevant to the work of the Foreign Service. Minimum GPA: 3.2.
  • Award: Up to $35,000 annually towards tuition and living expenses for completion of a two-year Master's degree. Successful fellows will receive an appointment as a Foreign Service Officer.
Ronald Reagan Fellows Program
  • For juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students with 1) An active interest in public policy; 2) Strong intellectual aptitude; 3) Eagerness to work cooperatively and supportively with others; 4) Exceptional judgment and integrity; 5) An appreciation for the free enterprise system and constitutionally limited government; and 6) An interest in learning how to advance free market principles. Participants serve a semester-long fellowship, working at least three days a week at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona. Major aspects of the fellowship include policy research, staff mentoring, seminar attendance, event participation, and administrative assistance. Open to international students who are authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Award: A modest stipend based on fellowship duration and hours worked. Fellows are responsible for transportation and housing costs.
State Policy Fellowship Program
  • For graduate students in the fields of public policy, public affairs, economics, social work, public health, or related fields who have recently completed their Master's degree, or will complete it before the start of the program. International students may apply, but they must be eligible to work in the U.S. for the duration of the 2-year fellowship. Applicants should have a strong academic record, an interest in state fiscal policy, and a commitment to improving the welfare of low- and moderate-income households. Preference will be given to applicants who have experience with, or demonstrate a strong interest in, working with diverse communities. Participants serve 2-year fellowships in independent, highly respected think tanks located in state capitals, analyzing the impact of state budget and tax policy choices on low-income residents and promote positive reforms.
  • Award: A salary of $45,000 - $50,000 per year, and health benefits. Also includes a career development program.
  • Juniors with at least a 3.6 GPA and superior service and leadership abilities.  Application includes a policy proposal. For US citizens or US nationals. Requires SHU nomination.
  • Award: Supports the graduate education of students who aspire to be “change agents” in government or public service careers.  Up to $30,000 in funding to students pursuing graduate degrees in public service fields. Between 75-80 awards/ year.
  • Seniors and graduates who demonstrate a commitment to social and health care justice advocacy following their year of hands-on experience as a fellow. Fellows must commit to mentoring at least one person at some point over the course of their careers. One fellowship per year.
  • Award: One-year fellowship. The Villers Fellow works as a full-time policy analyst in Families USA's Health Policy Department. Fellows will receive a compensatory package that includes an annual salary of approximately $35,000 and excellent health care benefits.