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Bishop Alumni

Bishop Alumni of Immaculate Conception Seminary

Some of the following bishops did both their philosophical and theological studies at ICS.  Some did their philosophical studies at ICS but pursued theological studies elsewhere.

Most Rev. Winand Wigger, class of 1865
Most Rev. Thomas A. Hendrick, class of 1873
Most Rev. John Joseph O’Connor, class of 1877
Most Rev. James Augustine McFaul, class of 1877
Most Rev. Thomas Henry McLaughlin, class of 1904
Most Rev. John Aloysius Duffy, class of 1908
Most Rev. William Aloysius Griffin, class of 1910
Most Rev. Francis Joseph Monaghan, class of 1915
Most Rev. Thomas A. Boland, class of 1922
Most Rev. Martin Walter Stanton, class of 1924
Most Rev. James Aloysius McNulty, class of 1925
Most Rev. Justin Joseph McCarthy, class of 1927
Most Rev. George William Ahr, class of 1928
Most Rev. John Joseph Dougherty, class of 1933
Most Rev. Reginald Arliss, C.P., class of 1934
Most Rev. Walter William Curtis, class of 1937
Most Rev. Joseph Arthur Costello, class of 1941
Most Rev. Robert Francis Garner, class of 1946
Most Rev. John Charles Reiss, class of 1947
Most Rev. Frank Joseph Rodimer, class of 1951
Most Rev. Dominic Anthony Marconi, class of 1953
Most Rev. Charles James McDonnell, class of 1954
Most Rev. James Thomas McHugh, class of 1957
Most Rev. Michael Angelo Saltarelli, class of 1960
Most Rev. John Mortimer Smith, class of 1961
Most Rev. Gaetano Aldo (Thomas) Donato, class of 1965
Most Rev. Gregory Paul Bootkoski, class of 1966
Most Rev. Arthur Joseph Serratelli, class of 1968
Most Rev. John Walter Flesey, class of 1969
Most Rev. Nicholas Anthony Di Marzio, class of 1970
Most Rev. Manuel Aurelio Cruz, class of 1980
Most Rev. Edgar Moreira da Cunha, S.D.V., class of 1982

Scholars may research these and other prelates at archives in the Special Collections Division of Seton Hall University’s Walsh Library.  The Special Collections Division houses the Archives of ICS and the Archives of the Archdiocese of Newark.  The Newark Archives include the papers of all the Bishops and Archbishops of Newark from James Roosevelt Bayley to John Joseph Myers.