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Student Participation in Mobile Computing

Participation Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures have been developed which govern student participation and ensure that students understand the requirements of participation in the program.

Laptop Specifics for your Class

The laptop that you will receive during the distribution is based on your current academic standing. To view which model laptop that you will receive as well as information that is specific to your class, click on the appropriate link below..

View all of the laptop models on campus »

Laptop Check-in

Every student must check in his/her laptop each semester. Check-in is timed to occur before Pre-registration in the Fall and again in the Spring. Students are notified about the dates through their Seton Hall e-mail accounts. Check-in is completed on-line and takes about 2 minutes.

Laptop Refresh

In order to keep the technology current and to provide students with the latest and greatest technology on the market, Seton Hall has opted to use a Mobile Computing model that incorporates a laptop refresh at the end of the student's sophomore year. Students are notified about the dates through their Seton Hall e-mail accounts.

Laptop Repair

All support services at the University are maintained in-house and on-site. For help and support »

  • The Technology Service Desk provides first level technical phone support for your laptop. To reach the Technology Service Desk, dial (973) 275-2222.
  • Technical Support Services staff the Technical Support Area which provides on-site technical hardware and software support for your laptop. The Technical Support Area is located in Corrigan Hall Room 28.

Laptop Software Image

In order to ensure the successful integration of the laptop into your coursework, the University has selected and licensed a core suite of software. All of the laptops are pre-loaded with this standard suite of software. View the Standard Software Suite »

Software Training

The Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) Center houses the Computer Training Classroom (CTC) which provides on-site software training on all of the university standard software.

Laptop Security

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